BUBU long beach job

Job opportunity in the island

A great job opportunity in the island paradise. Get away from the ‘rat race’ of the city and join the team to make BuBu experiential.

Blog / Forum Monitoring and Outreach Agent (Part Time)


-Actively scan the web for customer or industry blogs and forums mentioning Bubu Resort and experiences with them, Monitor activity on several leading third party forums, evaluating volume, content, and sentiment of posted threads related to Bubu Resort products and services.

-Provide positive / negative sentiment ratings for each logged post / thread.

-Following prescribed protocols, selectively respond to blogs.

-Building Bubu Resort Blog.


-Strong written and spoken English skills are required, and secondary language skills in Chinese are a strong benefit. Language skills in Japanese, Spanish, German, or French would be considered valuable as well.

-The candidate is familiar with blogging and may have their own personal blog, and / or is an active participant in an online forum. The ideal candidate is already an active member in one or more forum communities or other social media, i.e. Myspace, Facebook, a Wiki, etc.

-Environmentally Conscious, espeicially on Island Ecosystems.


Interested candidate please send your resume to
email info@buburesort.com.my
Tel: 03-2142 6688 / Fax 03-2141 0080 for appointment.