tips mencari jawatan kosong

tips mencari jawatan kosong bagi semua jawatan

1. carilah jawatan kosong in newspapers, many of them show full pages untuk bahagian jawatan kosong.
2. carilah jawatan kosong look for professional, specialised journals. They are usually stocked by large libraries of newsagents.
3. Go to a job centre. They offer various facilities bagi service jawatan kosong ni, such as phone services, websites and personal advisors. They will evaluate your capabilities and help you find the job that best suits your training level and that makes the best out of your skills.
4. Go online. jangan lupa ramai company hanya mengeluarkan borang jawatan kosong secara online sahaja, jawatan kerajaan juga dah begitu sekarang. The Internet always has a vast array of specialised web sites that offer possibilities. It is also the fastest way to apply for a job, as it usually has an on-line applications.
5. Find a Recruitment and agensi pencari kerja. They are the brokers of the HR department. Malah kepakaran mereka adalah dalam bab mencari jawatan yang sesuai bagi anda. By getting into their data base, via an interview and/or test, you are likely to have access to numerous possibilities as the „head-hunters”, as they are called, are very interested in matching the candidate to the suitable company. You can find a Recruitment agency in the Yellow Pages or online, using a search engine.
6. You can try Careers Service offices that hold vacant jobs with local employers, immediate or training stages.
7. Hubungi terus company, dan tanyakan mengenai jawatan kosong yang ada, biasanya mereka akan suruh hantar resume. Use the Yellow Pages or the Internet and send your contacts via mail or personally to the company/s you are interested in. . Also, if possible, leave a CV at the front desk. If you decide to send your application by post make sure you send it to the person who is in charge of the department you want to work in and not the HR department. If you are not contacted, follow up with a phone call after a week or so.
8. guna networking untuk mencari jawatan yang sesuai, kekadang ada jawatan kosong kat sesebuah company tapi dia orang tak hebohkan. Collect as many contacts as you can, so as to have an extended list of people that you may get to help you. Tell them what kind of job you are looking for. ini adalah antara beberapa cara dalam mencari jawatan kosong dan mencari kerja bagi anda.