• Assist our company with the public listing exercise in India i.e. from the initial stage to completion of the listing exercise while ensuring that the Company meets all regulatory requirements and standards;
  • Assist the Company in various listing compliance process which includes but limited to :-
  • o Analyzing operations and finances;
  • o overseeing the preparation of financial reports;
  • o evaluation of reports and documents;
  • o reviewing business plan; and
  • o future plans and projections.
  • Evaluate attractive alternatives for financing opportunities;
  • Work closely with professional advisors in the legal and accounting field and with the applicable regulators of the exchanges or trading environments that our Company list or trade;
  • Undertake placement of shares and carry out public campaigns and road shows for the company;
  • Manage the overall corporate planning in the listing exercise/s and consolidation of subsidiaries, if any;
  • Analyse credit ratings, risk management, investment research, data, and valuations, and source of equity-market liquidity;
  • Highlight financial matters and liaise with reporting lines and all relevant authorities involving the above;
  • Negotiate with external parties, investors and corporate partners; and
  • Provide corporate advise to the Chairman and Board.


  • Education: Posess a recognized degree or professional qualifications, preferably in financial related courses.

  • Experience: At least Seven (7) years in Corporate and financial sector. Familiar and/or must have undertaken listing exercises and familiar with trading procedures, rules and regulations involving the Stock Exchange in India. Strong leadership and consensus building skills; a proven track record in completing listing exercises.

  • Required Skills: Must possess top level business management, interpersonal, and facilitation skills. Must be a self-starter, highly motivated and organized, and able to work well with staff at all levels in the organization. Polished presentation and interpersonal skills.

If you fit our criteria we would like to hear from you with a detailed resume complete with work experience, expected salary and career highlights either via :-

email : advertiser_06@yahoo.com or fax : 603-9286 1388