- Director of Sales


  • Provide direction and follow up on the activities of the team, through a daily / weekly review of all sales call reports, and re-cap sheets.

  • Conduct, on a weekly basis, the sales meeting with all assistants and Sales Managers to communicate the specific information of the requirements of all forthcoming functions and events, and assign any special jobs that may be required.

  • Schedule detailed action plans to support the revenue proposal for all sections related to Sales Department.

  • Monitor and improve sales account productivity, and improve conversation of leads.

  • Supervise the activities of the Sales Managers and secretaries to ensure that all inquiries are promptly handled, groups are followed up on, re-bookings are made, and all tentative groups are followed up. All requests of the clients are carried out taking into account the regard for the hotel’s profitability.

  • Check all communication is forwarded to Operations to ensure the details discussed are prepared as expected and for guest satisfaction.

  • Ensure all accounts are updated on in Delphi and reports submitted

  • (Print outs of account profiles).

  • Ensure traces are printed daily from Delphi by the sales coordinator and distributed to the Sales team for action.

  • Handle the travel industry accounts in Kuala Lumpur and major conference and exhibition organizers.

  • Assist DBD in training the development issues of the team members.

  • Advise DBD of cooperative marketing opportunities.

  • Conduct site inspections for major decision makers as necessary.

  • Prepare monthly report for Sales Department.

  • Assist DBD in liaison with local representatives.

  • Conduct joint sales calls with sales representatives.

  • Involve in negotiation of key accounts.

  • Guide the corporate rate loading in HSMS and Hilstar.

  • Liaise with HSW and HRW.

  • Attend travel trade shows and conduct sales trips to key markets.

  • Attend the daily DBD briefing.

  • Attend the REVMAX meeting on a weekly basis.

  • Attend the department heads meeting on a weekly basis.

  • Liaise and follow up with support departments to ensure that special projects assigned are carried out.

  • Maintain accuracy of all bookings and other data.

  • Ensure that all companies have a file and all correspondence has been filed accordingly, with correct and up-dated information recorded.

  • Approve all vacation planning for the sales team.

  • Recruit all staff for the sales team and dispense disciplinary action as the need arises.


To display a commercial awareness of the market place which an individual works. An ability to continuously priorities one’s actions so as to deliver the best sales and profit outcomes for the business. Ability to achieve set goals and financial targets. A concern for working toward a common result and committing to excel in attaining all key business objectives.


Ability to prioritise and manage own personal time efficiently within tight schedules. Looks ahead and makes forecasts concerning market trends to set demanding but realistic targets.


The ability to do more than is required or expected in the job to improve results, find new opportunities, exceed in achievement of business objectives and avoid problems through proactively anticipating them.


Able to read and interpret both verbal and non-verbal feelings and concerns of others.


Ability to network, build and maintain friendly contacts with people who can impact on business positively and help achieve work related goals.


Ability to deliver high levels of customer service by focusing on the needs of client and exceeding their expectations.


  • Ability to persuade, convinces and influence others.

  • Ability to CLOSE the sale.

  • To have patience and take setbacks positively. Able to present information logically and confidently verbally and in written form.


A belief in ones ability to accomplish a task. Confidence in ones decisions or opinions and able to manage the many outcomes as a result of failure to gain a sale.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Interested applicants are invited to write-in / fax-in / email with comprehensive resume including current and expected salary to:

Hilton Kuala Lumpur
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Fax : 03-2274 0822

Email: angie.tan@hilton.com